Sustainable Shabbat

Every Friday night in downtown Montreal – The Shefa Project and The Ghetto Shul team up to provide (50-100) free and entirely local Shabbos dinners. No one is ever turned away – There is always enough local food. No need to RSVP. During the week food is delivered to our shul – our organic CSA farmer provides the veggies and legumes while the local-organic-kosher chicken is provided by Tiferet. Everything else we need is from various markets around the city. Thank Goodness for farmers!

On Thursday nights staff and volunteers come together to celebrate the holy day and to make a Sustainable Shabbat meal for the whole community. Every Thursday evening all are invited to stop by the Ghetto Shul to help prepare some local food!!

Volunteer with us!

Work with us!

Here are some photos from some of our first local meals…


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