Sustainable Shabbat Job Posting

In today’s world we are faced with an ever growing disconnect between the food we eat and where it is produced. Every day we might have an apple from China, some vegetables from Europe and meat from South America. In an attempt to lesson our carbon footprint, and gain a better appreciation with the source of our sustenance, the Shefa Project and Ghetto Shul (a downtown student-synagogue) have teamed up to create Sustainable Shabbats.

Every week we will be serving a Shabbat dinner that was grown in the area in order to begin to rebuild our food system which will help all the participants to be better in touch with what they eat. We want people to better understand what it means to eat seasonally and be better in touch with the natural cycles of the earth.

We are looking to hire people on a rolling basis to commit their time once a month (approx.) to be the “Head Chef/Organizational Leader” of a Sustainable Shabbat meal.

Responsibilities will include:
*Coordinating enough volunteers to carry out all duties (6-10 people)
*Obtaining any remaining materials/ingredients at Jean Talon/Frigo Vert/Local Markets etc.
*Completing all the cooking in advance of Friday night sundown.
*Cleaning all messes, making sure the kitchen looks exactly as it did prior to shabbat preparations.
*Submitting all receipts to Rebeccah Hartz by deadline of Wednesday of the following week for reimbursement

Please note: A significant portion of vegetables and the kosher organic chicken will be waiting for you prior to thursday night.

A typical menu includes a few different types of salad (with extra for the following day’s lunch), a soup, chicken, some variety of starches/carbs, vegetables, and dessert. All volunteers/cooks are expected to abide by the Ghetto Shul’s standards of Kashrut (Jewish dietary restrictions) which will be outlined clearly to all participants.

Compensation is $75 per shabbat preparation. We are asking ideally for a commitment to cooking 4 meals.

Any interested candidates should submit a CV and cover letter to The Shefa Project at

Thank ya’ll!


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