The Shefa Project is an organization that aims to engage Jewish people with the emerging sustainable paradigm.We are interested in local food systems, experiential Jewish education, and healthy holistic community development. We are Jewish people living in Montreal, Quebec – coming together to overcome environmental issues by engaging with sustainable solutions.

What is Shefa?

Shefa is a hebrew word that literally means abundance. We like to think of this abundance as the bountiful, delightful, joyful, divine flow of life-energy from creator to creatures. We have the luxury of seeing conventional (material) abundance all over the place. We live in a time where so many people have so such, and others have so little. Here in North America we are blessed with what seems like an abundance – of food especially – but all too often this abundance is wasteful, shameful, and alienating. Shefa in our eyes, is abundance in equilibrium – the natural and balanced expression of a world where everyone could have what they need – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to explore what it means to be human by cultivating our relationship with the environment and experimenting with shefa.

What are the Projects?

Our foundational program is Sustainable Shabbat, but we have numerous ongoing and upcoming projects. We are growing food (and fish) inside of the Ghetto Shul, we are planning trips, we are putting on workshops and classes, we are hosting discussions, events, and parties, we are dreaming, imagining, fermenting, baking, and enjoying.

Check out our projects page for more information on what we are doing and how to get involved.


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