Shefa Project Goes to Maryland!

To those who may be interested in the opportunity of a lifetime…

The Shefa Project is planning a trip to Maryland to visit Kayam Farm and to participate in their annual Beit Midrash weekend.

What is it all about – you still ask (after clicking on the links)?

Well…It’s an inspirational Shabbaton filled with learning, celebration, and groundbreaking Jewish thought. Join an intergenerational, pluralistic community of Jewish farmers, rabbis, educators, scholars and consumers from across the country.

We have been fortunate enough to receive the funds to allow us to bring 7/8 people to Maryland with us for the very low price of $50.00 each.We want to provide this opportunity to people who are looking to be inspired by environmental Jewish ideas. In addition to the $50.00 fee which will cover transportation, food, lodging, and an amazing experience, we are seeking folks who want to promote environmentally friendly Jewish living in Montreal.

– If this email and adventure excite you, and you are willing to commit some time to the Sustainable Shabbat program, or to promoting environmental Judaism in your own creative way we want to hear from you

– Let us know your ideas and how you’d like to contribute to building an amazing environmentally conscious urban Jewish community

We are looking to have the $50.00 payed in full by Feb. 17 (in particular circumstances this will be fine)

There are only 5 spots left – so time is of the essence…

email us – shefaproject @ gmail .com

Thank you kindly,

Jordan and Aryeh


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