The Glory of Farm Life

Aryeh Canter is currently at the Summer Kollel at Kayam Farm, spending his mornings working at their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program and his afternoons learning about Jewish Agricultural laws. Here are some of his thoughts…

My mornings have been filled with very exciting farming! I have done a range of tasks from planting corn, weeding lots of fields, harvesting thyme (or harvesting time…) and lettuce, putting covers on the eggplants to protect them from flee beatles which eat their leaves, and raising beds for future growth. Kayam farm is home to chickens and goat which I have been lucky to spend some time with. Last night I helped move all 109 chickens into their brand new hen house. This morning I was able to milk a goat for the first time which is a totally amazing experience!

The food here has been extraordinary. Last night it was my turn to make dinner and I made polenta that had fresh rosemary from the farm, fried with cayenne pepper, and fresh garlic. I have never had garlic so fresh and wonderful. Being able to eat food that was just harvested from the earth is such an unbelievable experience – one that I encourage everyone to seek out!


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